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Warmup for LX Scala event


The warm up to LX Scala conference starts on the day before! You are all invited to come to the meetup at e.near’s headquarters on June 7th. Two great talks are planned. Check it out. Rui Batista (@ragb) “An Introduction to Doobie: Pure functional JDBC Access for Scala” Introduction to Doobie, SQL queries, result mapping, updates, error hand... continue reading

Last Minute Agenda Changes


Due to unforeseen circunstances, Guillaume Masse won’t be able to present at LXScala as it was announced. He will be replaced by Scala Center’s very own Heather Miller, which will be speaking about “The Dramatic Consequences of the Open Source Revolution”. Please check our Schedule for the latest agenda. We take the oportunity to thank Eather ... continue reading

Diversity at LX Scala


LX Scala aims to be an inclusive and diverse conference. We want to foster participation from all, specially from under-represented minorities in the tech communit. Therefore, we are promoting the attendance of LX Scala to people belonging to under-represented groups, being due to a disability, gender, origin, ethnicity or any other, as a mean t... continue reading

Closing Call for Papers - 2018 edition


We are very happy with all the submissions we have received until now. If you are still waiting to submit your talk this is your last chance. The Call for Papers will officially ends Today - 2018-05-14. Good luck and may your talk be chosen. continue reading

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