Diversity at LX Scala


LX Scala aims to be an inclusive and diverse conference. We want to foster participation from all, specially from under-represented minorities in the tech communit. Therefore, we are promoting the attendance of LX Scala to people belonging to under-represented groups, being due to a disability, gender, origin, ethnicity or any other, as a mean to open new opportunities and empower active participation in the Scala community and related events. We’ve got a limited number of tickets we are offering with this precise goal.

So, if you are a scala developer or have interest in Scala or functional programming, you belong to an under-represented minority in Tech and you think you would benefit attending LX Scala 2018, please get in touch with Rui Batista, at rui.batista at enear dot co or @ragb on twitter to arrange your attendance.

If you have a disability and need any special accommodations, or anything you believe we should take in account to provide you with the best experience possible at LX Scala, please get in touch, we will be glad to help with anything that can facilitate your participation.