Warmup for LX Scala event


The warm up to LX Scala conference starts on the day before!

You are all invited to come to the meetup at e.near’s headquarters on June 7th.

Two great talks are planned. Check it out.

Rui Batista (@ragb) “An Introduction to Doobie: Pure functional JDBC Access for Scala”

Introduction to Doobie, SQL queries, result mapping, updates, error handling, Streaming values from the database, transactions, comparison with Slick. Additional topics (as time permits): query type checking, programs as values, abstract effects, ConnectionIO, free algebras wrapping JDBC operations.

Hugo Sousa (@Ciberon) “Introduction to Tagless Final”

Tagless final is a technique that gives you flexibility over which interpreter runs your program and can be used in your advantage to have an easier time composing your programs. Never heard of it? Don’t worry! This talk is a gentle introduction from the ground up to why tagless final is useful and how take advantage of it.

For more information check out the meetup page and make sure to book your seat: LX Scala warmup